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"The DNA of Hope" Now Available as a Paperback Edition...
New Book from 3-Time Best Selling Author and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Ann L Johnson
3-Time Best Selling Author and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Ann L Johnson
What Is This Book About?
In this groundbreaking work of science, psychology and the miracle of nature, readers discover why hope conquers the two worlds science has yet to master, the mind and the cell. Readers learn how hope can reach into the human body and turn even the most debilitating sickness into magnificent health.

Scientist, adventurer, medical professional, and internationally-known expert, Ann Louise Johnson is on a mission to teach people the world over how to age fiercely. A registered nurse of more than 40 years, and a certified functional medicine practitioner, Ann leverages intense personal narratives to inspire her clients to live longer, stronger and with greater adventure than they could ever imagine.

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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
On October 22, 2010 in San Jose, Chile, the first of 33 miners trapped underground for 68 days emerged to greet family, friends and prayerful bystanders. How did 33 men, with little food, water or light survive being buried alive 2,000 feet underground without succumbing to despair? Hope.
They survived because they knew somebody was on the surface trying to save them. They survived because in their hearts was the tangible optimism of the human spirit. The understanding that no dollar amount was too costly; no day was too long to seduce rescuers into giving up. Isn’t that the message we want medicine to relay to all patients? That somebody is tirelessly working to save you. But there are logistics to saving people. You have to accurately locate the lost person. You have to properly assess the obstacles to reaching them. Then you must design a plan – a tailor made plan to bring them home to their family. Your health is no different.

Sickness can be like that dark mine those men were in. But knowing you aren’t down there alone can be the difference between life and death. Hope is magical because in the absence of food, it can feed you. It is as tangible as the nose on your face, yet as unpredictable as the direction of the next breeze. And this is its true power of hope – its ability to avoid solid definition so it can be to you whatever you need it to be. 

We titled this book “The DNA of Hope” because research has now closed the gap between the ethereal nature of hope and the predictable nature of science. The physiological and psychological are one. What you believe is more than bias. What you hope for is quantifiable as to elevating your physical immunity against disease, and even cellular recreation. DNA in all living organisms represents its most fundamental component. 

DNA is self-replicating presenting a foreshadow of all your future offspring. Thus “The DNA of Hope” explains the modifiable lifestyle factors that if executed, will duplicate themselves successfully in the lives for generations to come in the form of health and wellness. Let’s expand further.

How Many Types of DNA?

There’s only one type of DNA - there’s really 5 right now living deep within you, creating mysterious story of health or illness. Does your practitioner know how to work with these 5 DNA’s?

Can You Change Your DNA?

It’s not the DNA that we change, the support we give the inside of our DNA. People forget we need support on the outside (friends/family) and inside as well..

Supplements Don't Work or Do They?

I’ve tried supplements and they’ve never worked. (Have you tried them in unison with your DNA and your cells to see what actually works functionally.)

How To Build a Strong Support Tree

Because you have to build a strong support tree within and outside of your bodies so that you can be healthier, stronger, longer. And we must look deeper inside... 
What People Are Saying...
“What a beautiful book The DNA of HOPE is. Rather than simply describing the risks for disease in our genes, Ann-Louise Johnson has brought out the true story of their enormous power. She describes how we can live with good health, vitality, and joy if we treat our genes with respect. I love this book because it uncovers the story of hope embedded in our genetic structure. This is a MUST read for anyone seeking how to get the most out of their limitless genetic potential.”
Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB
Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

"Author Ann Johnson has given us a great gift; an uplifting integration of cutting-edge genomics and its capacity for change through the power of the human spirit. I was particularly entranced by her writings on breath, (‘Breath can be divided into three parts: how we breathe, what we breathe, and for whom we breathe.’) Heartily recommended!”

Peter D’Adamo, MDAuthor, Eat Right For Your Type
Distinguished Professor of Clinical Sciences
University of Bridgeport Health Sciences.
“Hope is an intangible force. Through story and brilliant examples, Ann guides us through how significant hope truly is for you and your genes.”
Dr. Ben Lynch Author of 
Dirty Genes: A Breakthrough Program to Treat the Root Cause of Illness and Optimize Your Health.
About The Author...

Three-Time #1 International Best Selling Author, Ann L Johnson

To age with excitement, see miraculous in the mundane, and uncover genius in the common places of life. This is Ann. For her, medicine is not a profession, but rather, a calling. A calling to grant hope to the hopeless through teaching what the body can really do. As a scientist, Ann-Louise Johnson is on a mission to release the infinite healing capacity in every human being. A registered nurse of more than forty years, and a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Ann leverages intense personal narratives that inspire her clients to live longer, stronger and with greater adventure than they could ever imagine. Whether training to compete for an Olympic Gold, facing surgery, or managing a chronic illness, Ann has developed a program to increase your performance, your health, your life. By aligning your internal cellular metabolism with your DNA, her team has built a platform launching you toward your AIM—your self-defined target. Together, we Hope. Together, we build the DNA of Hope.

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